About Cancer United

Cancer United is a local support group and is for everyone whose lives have been changed by cancer.

The aim of Cancer United is to offer support to patients who have just been diagnosed with cancer, are going through their treatment or who have come through it and need help getting some focus back in their lives. In addition we are all about supporting family, friends or carers.

The group will be for its members a place for a friendly chat, to be able to ask questions without feeling embarrassed.  A place to share information and experiences, and get help and some down to earth advice about coping with treatment.

Most importantly our mission is to focus positively on moving forward with our lives whilst offering a variety of complimentary therapies and fun activities. Whatever you want to do, we can do.

Currently, meetings are held every week and dates and times are shown on our Cancer Support page along with all upcoming fundraising events.This group is for YOU so don’t be shy, come and join this very special group and get our support to make the opportunities you are looking for to move on, live your life and enjoy doing it.


If you have any questions about Cancer United, or would like to join our regular support groups, we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 01903 779880 or email us at: enquiries@cancerunited.org.uk.

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People’s Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Our project received £15,000 from the Trust to build the CU Fitter Rehab Gym. In 2017, the Project received £20,000 towards the purchase of the CU Fitter Minibus.

Cancer United is a registered charity in England and Wales No.: 1155747
Trustees: Kathryn Hall - Heidi Harris - Matt Owen - Victoria Read - Erica Sheward - Jan Sheward