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Laughter Therapy

We were swapping stories in our group meeting the other day which inevitably resulted in us rolling about in absolute stitches! Here’s the culprit that set us off, from our very own hilarious and wonderful Charlie:

My father came over from Paris to visit and took my youngest daughter and myself out for lunch on Worthing seafront. 
Following lunch, my father went to pay and realised that he had left his wallet in the boot of my car, so I suggested I went back and picked it up. With that, I left the shop and trotted along the pavement.I hadn’t got further than 400 yds when a huge gust of wind whipped the wig from my head with no ‘lifting’ warning! Absolutely dumb founded and suitably embarrassed, I looked to where the wig had been whisked away to……….only on the other side of the blooming road!! It had delicately landed in front of a people carrier, whose occupant had obviously seen the amazing event and stopped, so as not to run over it!

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