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Cancer Exercise

CU Fitter - fighting cancer with exercise

CU Fitter - A safe and effective cancer exercise pathway to recovery and beyond.

You may have been signposted to CU Fitter's cancer exercise programme by your Clinician, your CNS, or your Macmillan support worker. Or, you may just have picked up a leaflet at one of the various departments in your local hospital. Whichever path brought you here - welcome to the future of cancer recovery.

From the moment you contact us we can, through cancer exercise, help your cancer recovery journey, even if it’s at the point of your diagnosis.

Your initial consultation will be undertaken by one of our experienced and qualified CU Fitter Cancer Exercise Specialists (CU Fitter CES), who will work with you to select a pathway that is safe and effective, taking into consideration your cancer treatments and any other health issues you may have.

Once within the friendly and reassuring ambience of the CU Fitter environment, specialist trainers will use a series of tailored cancer exercise options, to assist you in your personal cancer recovery. All the exercises employed will be appropriate to your personal level of fitness and mobility, at the time you join us.

From classes which are designed to tackle the most frequently reported side effects of treatment; from simple fatigue to classes specifically designed to improve fitness, bone density, muscle tone and core strength. Our aim is to help and support you as you travel along the pathway to recovery and beyond, through cancer exercise.

All our CU Fitter CES's are not only trained to understand what you need to support your physical health and fitness, but your mental wellbeing too; conscious of what it takes to deal with the emotional effects of cancer.

If you would like to know more, or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us on 01903 779880, or email us at office@cancerunited.org.uk.

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