This is where you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about CU Fitter's cancer exercise. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by calling 01908 779880.
I have found a leaflet for CU Fitter™.  Do I need to have a doctor’s referral?
No, you are able to self-refer, although we encourage you to let your consultant, cancer clinician or nurse know you are attending the classes.
Can I just arrive at the gym and join a class?
No, you must contact us to make an appointment for an assessment first.
Is the assessment free?
It is free so long as you move forward with CU Fitter™ by booking classes immediately after the assessment. If you don’t, then we must charge you £20.00 for the time that the CU Fitter Instructor has spent with you, payable after the assessment.
Is the assessment of my fitness levels only and should I wear gym gear?
No, the assessment is all about completing forms as it is important that the  CU Fitter instructor is completely au fait with exactly where you are on your cancer journey. If you have just been diagnosed and are waiting for treatment, you have just started treatment or you have finished treatment and are concentrating on recovery. The CU Fitter instructor must know exactly what cancer/cancers you have or have had and if you have other medical conditions before you are able to join in with the classes.
Can I choose the class I want to do?
After going through all the forms you need to complete with you, the CU Fitter Instructor will recommend a class/ classes that he/she believes is/are the correct one’s for you.
Is there a restriction on the number of classes/sessions that I can book?
No, you can stay with us for as long as you wish. We will be monitoring your fitness levels and mental wellbeing as you progress. We will advise you when you may benefit further by moving up a level of class. You may even feel that you are ready to try main stream gyms or other physical activity outside of CU Fitter™ which is absolutely fine and something we encourage.
Can I book a mix of different classes?
If the CU Fitter instructor feels that you are able to cope with different classes, then of course you can mix and match the sessions you book. Our priority is delivering a safe and effective cancer exercise experience.
Can I book just for one class?
No, we prefer you to book for a block of 6 classes to get the best chance of feeling the benefit.