Before you can take part in any of the CU Fitter classes, it is mandatory that you have an initial assessment, so that our specialist trainers can decide what support and exercise interventions are best suited to aid your cancer journey.
Specifically designed to tackle the most reported side effects of chemo and radiotherapy, these sessions focus on tackling fatigue and stimulating a positive outlook. These session are suitable for any cancer type and treatment where fatigue is a known side effects.
The CU Fitter version of this gentle exercise classic. Focusing on core strength and flexibility whilst building strength, balance and endurance.
CU Stronger™ is a ‘step up’ from the other CU Fitter programmes and is designed to support those on the final stages of their cancer recovery journey. Participants will be enabled to increase their fitness and to support their transition into mainstream exercise programmes if they wish.
Specifically designed for all those in breast cancer recovery this gentle, fun class is designed to improve upper body mobility and flexibility, lower body strength and empower participants to embrace recovery and move on.
A fun, upbeat dance-based class designed for those recovering from breast cancer. Combining gentle dance moves with some of your favourite sounds to help improve feelings of wellbeing by keeping you moving.
For all those who are recovering from surgery based interventions this gentle, low impact class focusses on improving mobility and every day functionality and is designed to support the transition from post- surgical interventions to the further treatment recovery phase.
Nordic Walking is quite unique in that it provides benefits for everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit. Whatever age, fitness level or goal, Nordic Walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable!
Specifically designed for Prostate cancer patients at the recovery stage this programme aims to improve core strength and muscle and bone density in an environment which is fun and sociable and interactive.
Personal training is the ultimate investment in your health and fitness post or during your treatment.