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Laughter Therapy

We were swapping stories in our group meeting the other day which inevitably resulted in us rolling about in absolute stitches! Here’s the culprit that set us off, from our very own hilarious and wonderful Charlie:

My father came over from Paris to visit and took my youngest daughter and myself out for lunch on Worthing seafront. 
Following lunch, my father went to pay and realised that he had left his wallet in the boot of my car, so I suggested I went back and picked it up. With that, I left the shop and trotted along the pavement.I hadn’t got further than 400 yds when a huge gust of wind whipped the wig from my head with no ‘lifting’ warning! Absolutely dumb founded and suitably embarrassed, I looked to where the wig had been whisked away to……….only on the other side of the blooming road!! It had delicately landed in front of a people carrier, whose occupant had obviously seen the amazing event and stopped, so as not to run over it!

I ran across the road and retrieved my wig, putting my hand up to the lady in the vehicle to thank her. She had a look of embarrassment for me and seemed to have sympathy for my plight. I then turned and forgot I was in the middle of the road, just missing a car at the side of me whose driver was in hysterics!! Not amused, I thanked him and crossed the road in front of his car. All the while I was battling with finding the back of the wig to replace it onto my bald stocking topped head!
When I got back to my car and got in, replacing my wig as firmly as I possibly could, I suddenly saw the funny side of the whole traumatic event and creased up to myself. This must have made me look even more ‘special’ than I already did! Oh well nothing to lose now eh! So I drove back to the restaurant and took the wallet to my father and proceeded to tell him the comical story.
His words were……..”It couldn’t have happened to a better person Charlie, as you always see the funny side of any situation”. My children said if they’d been with me at the time, they weren’t sure if they’d have laughed or cried. Personally, I’d have laughed too.
The moral of the story when being a wig-wearer……..”always make sure of the weather prior to leaving the house, just so you know what may or may not occur”!!!

Laughter in the face of adversity is definitely the way to go we think and it is something we enjoy much of in our meetings, such is the beauty of being able to share our stories with others that truly understand. And boy does it make you feel better!

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