Joining The Team

Having just joined for the summer as an Intern, here is what Ryan thinks of Cancer United so far:

When I first read about Cancer United I knew that I would regret not taking the opportunity to be a part of it. Fresh from just having completed a second year at university, most would roll their eyes at the prospect of almost a whole summer of work, and usually so would I. However, the prospect of being part of this charity was too good to say no to!

Cancer is a big part of so many lives directly or indirectly, and so I viewed this as an opportunity to personally help in whichever way I can to help others like myself who have experienced cancer within their lives and the lives of those around them.

From initially reading about the charity through the website and subsequently from my first meeting after applying to work for Cancer United, one part of the Charity completely sold it to me, and that was Jan herself. It is truly inspiring to hear Jan when she speaks so passionately about Cancer United and all of her visions of where she believes she can take it. I feel proud to say that I am a part of this, and anything that I can do to help this cause will rank as one of my proudest moments.

It has only been just over a week now since I joined the team here at Cancer United and already I feel like I have learned so much about the Charity and just about the effects of cancer in general. Jan and everyone involved in this charity have been great to work alongside and the spirit within this team is massive. It already feels like I have been here for months! I can tell already that my internship here is going to fly past, but I intend to make the most of it.

The current “CU Fitter” project is something that I am especially proud to be a part of. The concept is fantastic and pioneering, and  I share Jan’s view of how far this can go. To see specialised Cancer United gyms spring up in various locations in the future would be incredible, but equally it is also very possible because the concept behind it is so groundbreaking, and the research backs that up!

This is not going to be an easy ride though, the Charity is still so new and there are many challenges ahead. It is an enormous task to raise funds for this project but it is a challenge that I look forward to, because this is a charity that I believe in and one that could benefit so many people. Cancer patients are constantly reminded of what they can’t do, it is time to have the courage to help them strive to see what they CAN do!

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