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Member Representatives - Vote Now!


Ballot for Election to the CANCER UNITED® Member Representative Committee

These candidates have been nominated for the following offices resulting in a ballot in which you are entitled to vote;

2 Member Representatives for CUFitter Gym

1 Member Rep OUTRUNCANCER (walking club)


2 Member Rep CANCER UNITED Support Group

3 Member Reps for OUTSINGCANCER - two for Arun based and 1 for Bognor Regis


1 Driver Representative

CUFitter Gym - Member Representative - Nominations

Nominee - Sally Harper

Short Bio - I retired from British Airways and spent the next 15 years travelling around Europe on a Dutch barge. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015, my GP sent me to Cancer United for help with the side effects of treatment. I started classes in the gym with Dwayne and was so impressed with Cancer United that I joined the committee as the gym rep. During lockdown I set up OutPlantCancer with Alison, raising over £1000! I still enjoy two gym classes a week, sing in the choir, walk with OutStride and joined OutCycle as a beginner.

I wish to take up this role because - I really enjoy my involvement with Cancer United and will do all I can to help them provide their unique support to cancer sufferers and their families.

Nominee - Clare John

Short Bio - I am a very youthful 67 year old who loves a challenge. I have a big sense of humour combined with a flexible can-do attitude. I love meeting people. I am a mum to two and a nanny to two grandchildren. I am married to Warren for 46 years. My passions are music, travel, reading and keeping fit.

I wish to take up this role because - I am extremely passionate about Cancer United and having been a member for two years I would love to be more involved in the charity that has played a huge part in improving both my physical and mental well-being. I would relish the opportunity to share my experience with other members and also new ones to enable them to reap the same benefits I've had.

OutRunCancer - Member Representative - Nominations

Nominee - Susan Royston

Short Bio - I have been a member of Cancer United since the end of 2014 when my husband Derek had cancer. One of my clearest memories was his first outing in the new Cancer United bus. We drove along Worthing prom with a joyous stop at The Swallows Return on the way home. I became more involved with Cancer United after my own cancer diagnosis at the end of 2017. My first class was a very gentle seated chemosize. It was as much as I could do and within a few months I was nordic walking, playing football and singing in the choir; all activities that helped my return to health.

I wish to take up this role because - Cancer United has given me so much. So I think it's about time I gave something back! I particularly enjoy OutRunCancer and believe in the benefits of walking and being outdoors. I would like to encourage new members, walk with them at their own pace, give a listening ear if they wish and help them feel included when we stop for a coffee!

OutSingCancer - Member Representative - Nominations

Nominee - Helen Hamilton

Short Bio - Hello I'm Helen and I have been a choir representative for 3 years now. I'm putting myself forward for re-election as I enjoy being part of this great group of people, none of whom will say they can sing, but under our choirmaster Andre's guidance and with his supreme patience, we have come together as one voice with fun, friendship and support along the way so I would very much like to continue my role as choir representative.

Nominee - Margaret Holland

Short Bio - I have been involved with music from a very early age. Singing in choirs, playing in a military band and a concert band. I play trumpet and cornet. I developed breast cancer in 2001 so I have an understanding and empathy with the effects cancer has on people and how every person is coping with this life changing event in very different ways. I understand how being in a chair like OutSingCancer can provide everyone with a fulfilling hobby and the comradeship that comes from being with like-minded people, whose aim is to be happy and live life to the full. Singing is so much a part of my life and of those that I have met along the way. What OutSingCancer has given us all is beyond amazing and look what we have achieved!

I wish to take up this role because - I feel that I can be of benefit to the Bognor Regis choir members. Being a musician, I have the ability to be able to assist with some of the difficulties faced by those members less familiar with a music score. I can also be of help to Andre and Jan, liaising with members and the Laburnum Centre when necessary and being a second point of contact. I am well known to the Bognor Regis members, some of whom have sung with Laburnum Singers.

OutKickCancer - Member Representative - Nominations

Nominee - Stephen Kingsley

Short Bio - I came to Cancer United in 2016 after having been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015. Through the support of activities and people I met in ProsKick my recovery was the best I could hope for.

I work 34 hours at Northbrook Metropolitan College as a Curriculum administrator and also as RNR Officer in the Combined Cadet Force providing admin support.

I have recently become a grandfather and along with my wife Sue, we love walking our two young Springer Spaniels around the beautiful local countryside.

I have been part of the OutKickers walking football ground from it's inception and helped to arrange our open tournament as well as our quiz evenings.

I have recently taken and passed the online course to become an FA Playmaker, this was offered through our affiliation with the Sussex FA. The course is a foundation awareness for coaching. My football interests are in Liverpool FC as an official supporter's member, and a Brighton season ticket holder for the North stand and also a member of the Worthing FC Supporters' association.

I wish to take up this role because - I want to continue supporting Cancer United and continue my role as an OutKickCancer representative so that I can help to support others and encourage fellow members to get the most benefit out of Cancer United.

Support Group - Member Representative - Nominations

Nominee - Joan Vincent

Short Bio - I relocated to Angmering April 2017 (from Devon, after losing my husband Mike to Cancer, to be nearer to my two daughters, Lynn and Diane (Lynn died of cancer two years later). I didn't know the area, Diane being searching for some form of support group and in so doing, was delighted to find Cancer United almost on my doorstep. I made contact and within a week I was invited to join their support group meetings held in Wick. I recall I was picked up from home by the Cancer United bus and greeted by a gentleman who smiled and said 'Hello Joan, my name is Sefton'! That was the beginning of the most remarkable change to my life. I have made so many wonderful friends, taken part in so many Cancer United activities and can't believe that although I said I can't sing, I am an active member of OutSingCancer choir.

I wish to take up this role because - I have already been actively involved in raising funds and I'm determined to continue to do so. To be part of the Support Group Team would give me an opportunity to continue to spread the word and help to build on the hard work undertaken by the current Support Group Team.

Cancer United - Additional Member Representative - Nominations

Secretary Nominee - Alison Ware

Chair Nominee - Becky Maclaren 

Honorary Fundraiser Nominee - Yvonne Curling

Events Rep Nominee - Maria Beckett

Trustee Board Member Nominee - Dwayne Clevett

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