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Podcast - The Big C, It's Not Bigger Than Me

Out Now

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Welcome to "The Big C: It's Not Bigger Than Me," a podcast brought to you by Cancer United – a charity dedicated to spreading hope, support, and positivity in the face of cancer.

Join our hosts, Cancer United's founder Jan Sheward and lead CUFITTER Instructor Dwayne Clevett, as they guide you through a heartwarming and light-hearted journey. In this podcast series, we're here to prove that even in the midst of challenges, a smile and a good laugh can be your strongest allies.

"The Big C: It's Not Bigger Than Me" is more than just a podcast – it's a community of fighters, survivors, and champions who understand the power of camaraderie. Through inspiring stories, insightful conversations, and moments of shared joy, we highlight the resilience, strength, and humor that emerge when facing the big "C."

Tune in and be part of a supportive community that knows the importance of laughter, connection, and finding the silver lining. With every episode, we're here to show that cancer may be a challenge, but together, we can rise above it with courage, positivity, and a smile on our faces.

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