CU Fitter™ Applied Delivery of Cancer Exercise

An all-embracing science-based cancer exercise training programme initiative.

CU Fitter™ is the first structured, cancer-specific exercise training programme of its kind. It delivers a carefully designed suite of exercise initiatives to hundreds of cancer sufferers across the South East.

This science-based training programme was developed by a high profile group of experts. Leaders in their field, they collaborated to create an holistic initiative, which encompassed every aspect of cancer exercise, from the clinical to the psychological.

‘The CU Fitter™ Award in Applied Delivery of Cancer Exercise’ is a 4 day intensive course.

Its aim is to enable existing personal trainers, Physios and other exercise professionals, to learn the particular skills and competencies required to deliver cancer-specific exercise programmes to those in cancer recovery.

We have aligned our course with the professional competencies framework of the Health and Care Professions Council, and it is accredited by the Register of Cancer Survivorship Professionals.

Course Content

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Day One

Delegates learn about cancer in general, its symptoms and causes, as well as treatment options and side effects. The Day 1 content is delivered by our clinical partners – Oncologists and Chemo nurses. Delegates also learn about the emerging evidence-base, linking cancer prevention and survival, to exercise.

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Day Two

Delegates learn all about the importance of effective communication when supporting and motivating cancer patients through their treatment, and during the delivery of cancer exercise.

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Day Three

Delegates learn how to undertake an initial assessment of a cancer patient. This will include limited background detail as to why we assess what we assess, the value of assessment for programme evaluation purposes, and also to ensure the safety of patients in their care.

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Day Four

Delegates will learn how to deliver a programme of cancer exercise by watching and participating in classes within the CU Fitter suite. Delegates, again working directly with cancer patients, are observed creating their own class content. The course assessment requirements are also discussed on Day 4.

Course Details

Entry Requirements

CU Fitter will consider applicants with a Level 3 Personal Training qualification plus GP referral We will also consider applicants with a relevant Bachelor’s Honours degree (UK equivalent) class 2:2 or above in a sports science, sports coaching, exercise, physiotherapy or related discipline. The course is conducted in English. If the applicant’s first language is not English, a language proficiency test will need to be taken and passed in advance of acceptance onto the programme.

Award and Accreditation

Following successful completion of the programme and examination each candidate will achieve the CU Fitter Award in applied delivery of cancer exercise.

The programme has been submitted for accreditation by a professional body dedicated to the promotion of competence in the area of cancer survivorship, the Register of Cancer Survivorship Professionals.

Course Deliverables

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the causes of cancer(s) and the integrated strategies for prevention, recovery and survival
  • Understand and critically evaluate the scientific research that underpins the benefits of exercise and physical activity in cancer recovery and survivorship
  • Understand the importance of motivation to achieving successful patient outcomes
  • Assess an individual’s physical and psychological needs and prescribe a suitable and safe course of exercise specific to their cancer type
  • Design and deliver a suitable and safe programme of exercise for cancer patients both in group exercise and personal training settings
  • Use assessment tools to benchmark an individuals’ current physical and psychological health


Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be licensed to deliver CU Fitter™ programmes and classes. The initial 12-month licence fee is included in the programme fees, but is not refundable if candidates are unsuccessful in passing all assessments.

Licences must be renewed annually and renewals are subject to demonstrating on-going CPD via the RoCSP . All CU Fitter™ licensed trainers will be qualified to join the Register of Cancer Survivorship Professionals as members at a discounted rate of £50 per year.


  • As part of the license fee we will provide you with:
  • Use of branding and logos
  • Assessment templates
  • Marketing and promotional material templates
  • Advice and guidance about obtaining referrals
  • Advice and guidance on finding appropriate locations and facilities to deliver your CU Fitter™ initiative
  • A central enquiries hub

Course Lecturers and Instructors

prof sankha mitra 4416e755

Prof. Sankha Mitra

MS,DNB,FRCR, FRCS,CCST, UK, MA, Medical Education, FRACP

dr louisa beale 3d51fa7c

Dr Louisa Beale

Course Lecturer

jan russell dexter 605efe28

Dr Jan Russel-Dexter

Course Lecturer

dwayne clevett f6ebf909

Dwayne Clevett

Course Lead Instructor

lindsey jones 437939d8

Lindsey Jones

Course Lecturer

erica sheward 334b554e

Erica Sheward

Course Lecturer

Guest Speakers

anne hudson v02 585d8d14

Anne Hudson

Guest Speaker

Dr John Laurie 299px 1eabd017

Dr John Laurie

Guest Speaker

lavies b63c4925

Dr Nick Lavies

Guest Speaker

dr adrian moss 32d11e0f

Dr Adrian Moss

Guest Speaker

Dr Philip Savage 299px 89f5390a

Dr Philip Savage

Guest Speaker

Richard Simcock

Dr Richard Simcock

Guest Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Cancer United training programme. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by calling 01908 779880.

What is the CU Fitter Award in Applied Delivery of Cancer Exercise?

It is initially a four day training course leading to an award based on the applied study of cancer-specific exercise. During the course, candidates will develop the intellectual and practical skills to enable them to design and deliver specialist programmes of exercise for those undergoing treatment for, or recovering from, a range of common cancers.

Is it just 4 days and that’s it?

No, there is a multiple choice exam, a case study and a video required to qualify as a ‘CU Fitter Trainer’. You will have 12 weeks to complete all three parts required to qualify.

If I pass the exams etc., am I qualified forever?

No, you will be licensed for one year after which you need to undertake ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) to renew your licence to practice as a CU Fitter trainer.

Is the course REPS accredited?

No. Our clinical partners have told us that they do not feel confident referring patients, who are vulnerable, to exercise professionals who cannot evidence competencies aligned with those of health care professions. Therefore our course is accredited by The Register of Cancer Survivorship Professionals, and CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).

Why should I choose this course versus other cancer exercise courses which offer REPS accreditation?

Our course offers two unique benefits:

  1. A full day learning how to undertake the CU Fitter™ assessment process for all cancer patients, before you start classes. From this assessment you will be able to confidently signpost your clients to the correct CU Fitter™ class, or classes, for them;
  2. We offer the chance for you to work directly and ethically with real cancer patients through the assessment process. This culminates on the last day with interactive demonstrations, where you get the opportunity to experience taking a CU Fitter™ class as well as undertaking an assessment of a real cancer patient.

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