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What we do

Cancer United is a unique cancer support charity based in West Sussex offering help and support for all those living in Sussex whose lives have been affected by a cancer diagnosis.

We aim to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of those with cancer from diagnosis onwards, inspiring them to embrace the things they can do and to refuse to be defined by what they can’t. 


We are a unique choir whose lives have been affected by cancer – under the leadership of Andre Da Silva our amazing Musical Director.


We have taken bad news and we have turned it into a beautiful melody.



Our CUFITTER exercise specialists not only understand what you need to support your physical health and fitness, they also understand what it takes to deal with the emotional effects of cancer.

CU On The Ward

‘CU On The Ward’ is a completely free exercise programme for hospital patients funded by donations raised by our ‘CU On The Ward’ campaign headed up by Dan Boardman.


The CUFITTER AWARD is a comprehensive, science-based training program for exercise professionals working with cancer patients, aimed at enhancing their skills, knowledge, and competency.

Support Group

Cancer United has a local support group for local people whose lives have been affected by a cancer diagnosis.  They are people who have united and formed into a social club with the aim of having fun, having a laugh, and having lots of enjoyable social outings together. ​

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