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4 Reasons Why Exercising After A Cancer Diagnosis Is Important

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably, and as a result the cancerous cells invade and destroy healthy tissue. It is well-known that having cancer may have a huge impact both emotionally and physically on the patient and their families and friends.

Here are 4 reasons why exercising after a cancer diagnosis is so important:

1. Exercising is important in relation to your mental well-being, it reduces feelings of anxiety and depression and can improve your quality of life. Many cancer patients become engulfed in their cancer journey, rather than focussing on moving forward. Exercising, particular in groups, enables people to keep a positive mindset.

2. The benefits of exercise and increases in physical activity for those living with and beyond cancer are well documented in high quality empirical research. Physical activity has been proven to be associated with a lower risk of recurrence, breast cancer and colorectal cancer in particular. It has been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Prevention of fatigue while you are going through treatment is vital. If you stop exercising you feel more fatigued, it's a vicious circle, less exercise means more fatigue.

3. Resistance training is one example that has proven to beneficial for cancer patients. Muscle-strengthening activities were associated with a 13% lower cancer mortality.

4. Exercise helps improve the body’s chances of de-conditioning. The fitter you are the better position you are in to undergo treatment, including surgery.

These are only a few reasons why exercise is so important after a cancer diagnosis; it is important to stay active and positive while going through to a life changing process and take it day by day.

Cancer United's CUFITTER benefit offers cancer patients pre-habiliation opportunities to prepare for surgery and post-surgery treatment as well as rehabilitation opportunities to rebuild your fitness and mental well-being post your treatment. The exercise classes are face-to-face in the Cancer United gym in Angmering, West Sussex or via Zoom.

Interested in becoming a member? We'd love to hear from you!

Phone: 01903 779880


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