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8 Reasons Why You Should Try Walking Football

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Exercising is an essential activity to stay fit and healthy. This is especially important after you have received a cancer diagnosis. Cancer treatment will take it's toll on your physical and mental well-being. Walking Football is an activity that can help you through your diagnosis, as it combines fun along with cardio, strength and conditioning.

Walking Football is a variant of association Football, which is played at a walking pace, with or without a ball and can be played indoors or outdoors. The sport is usually aimed at adults over 50 but it applies to all ages and helps people maintain their health and fitness, and supports people getting back into the beautiful game if they had to stop due to injury or age.

Walking Football offers a multitude of health benefits, which is incredibly helpful if you are going through cancer treatment.

1. Walking Football leads to positive changes in postural balances, blood pressure and resting heart rate, lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar levels and bone density.

2. Walking Football help improves muscle mass, core strength, mobility, and hypertension.

3. The sport can help people lose weight, prevent loneliness, and positively affect overall mental and physical health.

4. Walking Football is great for keeping active, getting fresh air, and improving strength and flexibility.

5. Walking Football helps lower heart rate and blood pressure in addition to aiding muscle building and conditioning.

6. While training for Walking Football is disciplined the game brings people together, is great fun and entertaining.

7. Walking Football is safe and inclusive as it does not only apply to healthy individuals but people with various exercise-limiting co-morbidities, aged over 50.

8. Helps brings balance, co-ordination, and teamwork.

Cancer United offers Walking Football, as part of their OutKickCancer benefit, at £5 per session. The OutKickCancer squad arrange their own matches and tournaments with other teams. All team members have either been affected by a cancer, so the team is a community where people can come together and enjoy a sporting experience.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a sport you thought you might never be able to enjoy.

The OutKickCancer squad meet every Thursday at the Angmering Baptist Church car park at 10am for free transport or at Arun Sports Arena for a 10.30am kick off.

Interested in becoming a member? We'd love to hear from you!

Phone: 01903 779880


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